To book a Spaw Day appointment for your furry loved ones first click the button above to see if you're in our service area!


Once confirming you are in our service area, please scroll all the way down to bottom of this page until you see the orange "Existing Client" or "New Client" buttons!

Click the orange button that applies to your pet(s) and COMPLETE our online booking questionnaire! 


IMPORTANT INFORMATION: If information regarding pets temperament, age, weight, health, grooming history etc. is incomplete in online booking request, it will automatically be voided in system, so please be detailed and complete questions!


Once we receive COMPLETED online booking request we will reach out via text with our soonest Spaw Day availability! 

This app works best from a computer, but is usable from a cellular device as well!


  • Over 60 lbs

  • Pets over 14+ YEARS OLD

  • Pets with open wounds or stiches! 

  • Pets who are nursing AND or pregnant.

  • Pets who nip/bite and are VERY nervous OR aggressive.

  • Pets with seizures or heart conditions

  • Pets that dont walk or aren't able to stand.

  • Pets with fleas and or ticks (for the health and safety of employees and other fur-clients) If  we find fleas and ticks during bath there is an automatic $40.00 fee for removal.

 Thank you so much,

Spaw Day SA